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Upskill Bundles

Discover our Express and Ultimate Bundle range to advance your career and boost your skill development. Private and group training available.

What are Upskill Bundles? 

Essentially, a learning path that will ensure you get the most out of your Autodesk software. All bundles are for a range of skill levels, roles, and career ambitions. Begin—or continue—the learning journey that’s tailored to you. 

Express Bundles - designed to jumpstart your journey with Autodesk technologies and get you from Zero to Hero in just 3 days!
The Express bundles remain active for 6 months.
Ultimate Bundles - will ensure you experience a deeper dive into Autodesk technologies with discipline-flavoured bundles and courses designed to push you to the next level!
The Ultimate bundles remain active for up to 9 months.


Introducing the Express Bundles:





 AutoCAD Hero Bundle

Go from zero to hero!

  1. AutoCAD Essentials (Day 1)
  2. AutoCAD Essentials (Day 2)
  3. AutoCAD Essentials (Day 3)

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Revit Hero Bundle

Go from zero to hero!

  1. Simply Revit Part 1 (1 Day)
  2. Simply Revit Part 2 (1 Day)
  3. BIM for Beginners (1 Day)

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 BIM Hero Bundle

Go from zero to hero!

  1. Simply Revit (1 Day)
  2. Intro to Navisworks (1 Day)
  3. BIM for Beginners (1 Day)

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Introducing the Ultimate Bundles:





The Ultimate 2D-3D Bundle
Move from 2D to 3D

  1. AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT Essentials (3 Days)
  2. AutoCAD Advanced (3 Days)
  3. Simply Revit Course (1 Day)

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The Ultimate BIM Bundle
What's in it?

  1. Revit Essentials Course (3 Days)
    Different disciplines offered
  2. Family Creation (2 Days)
  3. BIM for Beginners (1 Day)

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 Plant-bundle.png (1)

The Ultimate Civil Bundle

What's in it?

  1. Civil 3D Essentials (3 days)
  2. Infraworks Fundamentals
    (3 days) 


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 The Ultimate Plant Bundle
What’s in it?

  1. AutoCAD Plant 3D Intro (3 Days)
  2. AutoCAD Plant 3D Advanced (2 Days)
  3. Collaboration for Plant 3D (1 Day)


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How does it work?  

Enjoy the flexibility of completing the courses over non-consecutive days at a time that suits you! Attend online or join us in person at one of our fully furnished training facilities- neither is a compromise on quality!
Private and group training available.

Why Attend?  

Our courses are Autodesk approved, CPD Certified, and live instructor-led. You can ditch the online tutorials and trust the leading Official Autodesk Training Partner to offer a stress-free and supportive learning environment.

What technology will we cover?

At Pentagon, we provide access to the latest Autodesk technology for all courses. Our instructors are up to date with current industry standards, enabling you to return to work armed with the latest knowledge and an official Autodesk Certificate.

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