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Top 5 Things You Should Know About Subscription Setup


1. There are four subscription roles. Four roles can be assigned to each subscription contract: Contract Manager, Software Coordinator, User (or Named User), and Named Caller (for Advanced Support only). Each subscription contract can have one Contract Manager and one Software Coordinator per serial number or group of products, and as many Users and Named Callers (if Advanced Support is purchased) as your license supports. If you have multiple products on your contract, you can have multiple Software Coordinators. 

2. Subscription setup begins with the Contract Manager. If you subscribed under your name and/or credit card or using your User ID, you are the official Contract Manager. 

3. There is a process to naming users. Users must first be added by a Contract Manager or Software Coordinator via Autodesk Account to then have permissions assigned to them in order to access and use subscription products and services. This process is called Naming Users. Users must be named BEFORE you can assign them access to products and services. 

4. There is a process to naming callers. Callers must also be NAMED to use the Advanced Support phone benefit. 

5. It is important to check system requirements. One of the most important steps in the product installation process is checking the system requirements to make sure a system is optimized BEFORE downloading and installing the products. Completing this step FIRST will ensure a smoother setup and better ultimate experience for the user