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The right information, the right direction and the right solution at a time when your business needs it most

Our consultancy means value for money and actions that will directly address your requirements


Consultancy for many companies means lots of meetings, lots of words and no definitive actions, often leaving them wondering “Why on earth did I spend that money?”. Our consultants have been working within numerous companies of all sizes through the years, reviewing and analysing their processes around engineering and BIM implementations, helping them to improve the various areas of their businesses we were called in to review. Our goal is to ensure our customers always know it was money well spent. Our three areas of investment are as follows:

Solutions Development

Pentagon Solutions currently develop a wide range of bespoke solutions specifically for our customers. These solutions range from application macros, customisation of document management solutions through to web applications with back-end database applications. All of our development is carried out by fully qualified and experienced developers using Microsoft .NET technology, Lisp, VB6 and others.