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Established Consultancy Team, Robust Support Process and One-to-One Subscription Services


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A comprehensive range of services to add value to your business!

Pentagon Solutions offers a comprehensive range of CAD, EDM & BIM services in the UK & Ireland, including:

What Customers Say:

"Very impressed with the professional manner we have been able to work together and with the level of support provided from sales through to technical."
Neil Quinn, Tes Group
“I would not change anything that Pentagon Solutions do as their service is excellent.”
David Crothers, Kingspan,
"As always, the service was excellent. The Pentagon team never fail to impress with their knowledge & professionalism. I look forward to William Coates continued partnership with Pentagon."
Colm Begley, William Coates,
I would not have Pentagon change a thing. Eamon, Michelle, Conrad and the rest of the team over at Pentagon are hands down the most professional, and easily the best software reseller/support company I have had the pleasure of working with in my 25 years in the business.”
Glenn Glugson, Fortress Sefa,

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