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Construction Intelligence

Transform your Built Environment

Change the way you use data to run your built environment

By delivering data-led intelligence we can transform the way your people and systems work together and help you drive the business forward.  
Pentagon has conducted extensive research implementing a Construction Intelligence framework process and we have delivered asset integration projects based on this. We find many contractors have a lack of visibility of project delivery and aggregate information from multiple sources. As an example: team timesheets, estimated detailing and modelling activity, quality of model delivery, etc.
Essentially it is addressing project quality, productivity, risk and can help with predictability for future projects regardless of technology
All issues and project constraints are recorded and collected in the dashboard identifying risk.  However, is it scalable to your business? Organisations rely on human (user) input, i.e. is it 20% complete? how is this measured? Our solution automates this.  

Window 1 Dashboard 18032020.jpg 

Our web interface provides:
  • Company-wide visibility of BIM Project data for quality, constraints, dashboards and other bespoke utilities
  • Multi-user data logging forms and
  • Allows updates to Quality Issues and Constraints without need for CAD applications
  • Reports presented (e.g. Microsoft PowerBI)
  • Other Features
    •          Project-specific data segregation
    •          Integrates with Microsoft Azure single sign-on

How does it work?

Traditionally your teams fill out timesheets on projects they are working on and may manually estimate modelling output. All this data is normally reviewed on an individual basis. 
Our solution captures and harvests all activity automatically from projects, drawings and models across all teams over multiple sites.  All the project data is automatically collated regarding activity and outputs.
This centralised data is presented through straight-forward dashboards for project team leaders and senior management. Project modelling outputs, quality and effort is availability which helps teams to focus on productivity concerns and even drive predictability of project delivery or assist with pricing future projects. 


  • Turns information from subjective into objective – makes it measurable.

    Dashboard 2.jpg
  • It is an automated, accurate method of capture – minimal user or management input

  • Construction & Contractor Intelligence Solution

  • Bespoke  - Customer-Centric Interface & Function

  • Software Agnostic - Integrates with Industry or Customer Applications

  • Defined Metrics and Dashboarding

  • Cloud-based


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