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Fabrication ESTmep

Estimation software for MEP contractors


Estimation software for MEP contractors
Produce more accurate estimates for MEP building system projects throughout detailing, fabrication, and installation. Use Fabrication ESTmep™ software to gain insight into project costs and generate competitive bids.
Shared content libraries and databases
Use your Fabrication database from CADmep/CAMduct/ESTmep to produce detailed models
for estimation.
Generate bids from Revit
Import models for cost estimation


Accelerate underlay trace
Create more competitive bids with design line.
Adjustable cost estimates
Manipulate databases for quick cost iterations.
Value engineering option tools
Show clients multiple service pricing options.
Colour-coded cost tool
Visualise job cost and cost analysis by colour.
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  • Financing options available spread the cost with monthly or quarterly plans

  • Cash flow control

  • Total flexibility

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