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Fabrication CAMduct

Duct fabrication software for HVAC contractors


Produce sheet metal components and control the manufacturing production line. Fabrication CAMduct™ software provides a comprehensive set of libraries of 3D parametric fixtures and fittings to meet manufacturing requirements.
Fabricate in Fabrication CAMduct 
Shared content libraries and databases 
Use your Fabrication database from CADmep/CAMduct/ESTmep to produce detailed models for fabrication.
Sheet metal component library 
Use the vast spec-driven parametric component database.
Sheet metal and linear nesting 
Advanced nesting improves material use. 
NC writing and machine support 
Built-in and custom post processors help speed production. You may need to purchase a post-processor from a third party. 
 Advanced job costing tools
 Gain a better understanding of job costs.
 Additional software 
Includes access to Fabrication CAMduct Components, Fabrication Tracker, and Fabrication RemoteEntry.
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  • Financing options available spread the cost with monthly or quarterly plans

  • Cash flow control

  • Total flexibility

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