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Structural Bridge Design

Integrated bridge analysis software


Structural Bridge Design - Perform integrated loading, analysis, and code checking of small to medium-span bridges.
Structural Bridge Design features
Section design
Define materials and geometry to produce calculations for bridge sections in a graphical environment.
Girder design
Define and design girder components in an interactive graphical calculation environment.
Loading, analysis, design
Use an integrated workflow for loading, analysis and code compliance checking (AASHTO, EUROCODES, and more) throughout the project.
Design calculation reports
Automatically generate calculation reports that incorporate relevant design codes.
Section design platform
Easily calculate section properties, including torsion, shear, and more, for any section.
Visual engineering
Understand the impact of loading conditions and design limits instantly to produce more effective designs.
Design calculation reports
Get full calculation design reports instantly in a useable, easy-to-check format.
Multiple analysis methods
Choose the appropriate analysis mode for the project stage: line beam, grillage, or finite element analysis, all combined with traffic load optimization.

* Structural Bridge Design is only available in a Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection.




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  • Total flexibility

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