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Spacemaker, an Autodesk product, is a cloud-based AI software, empowering teams to collaborate, analyze and design real estate sites.

Meet Spacemaker: early-stage planning, reimagined

What is Spacemaker? spacemaker2.png

Spacemaker is a cloud-based AI software that empowers architects and urban planners to plan sites and develop early-stage designs faster, smarter and more collaboratively.

Deliver comprehensive feasibility studies with the confidence that you’ve explored the best options for every site. Discover a new tool that builds a compelling story for your concept.

  • Create 3D massing models of your site and its surroundings using automatic datasets
  • Test your site proposals and receive accurate analyses for 100+ criteria such as noise, wind, sun and microclimate
  • Streamline your early-stage planning and design workflows with intuitive tools and generative design
Why use Spacemaker?

Make better design decisions: reflect and act on data-driven insights to deliver the best possible solution for your project

Accelerate your site: work effectively with Spacemaker's intuitive tools and automation, all accessible in one single piece of software.

Improve collaboration: collaborate in the same cloud-based 3D model any time, anywhere to drive your project forward together. 

What you can do with Spacemaker
  • Deliver comprehensive feasibility studies, faster: uncover greater insights into your site and its surroundings with built-in analysis tools, extensive environmental data and automatic area calculations to create compelling proposals.
  • Discover, compare and optimise for better design outcomes: use generative design to quickly create and iterate different versions of your massing models. Explore the best options for every site to intelligently track density, living qualities and regulations.
  • Make informed decisions collaboratively: using Spacemaker as a fact-based foundation helps your team clearly understand the performance of your design and streamline the decision-making process internally and externally. 
Key features spacemaker3.png
  • Ready to use datasets: Spacemaker  sources site-specific datasets such as boundaries, terrain, buildings and infrastructure
  • Noise analysis: address problems related to environmental noise and meet comfort and compliance goals
  • Microclimate analysis: evaluate the thermal comfort (UTCI) of outdoor spaces quickly, easily and accurately
  • Sun analysis: analyse sun hours on building facades and on the ground, taking into account surroundings and terrain.
  • Smart design tools: draw fluidly in 2D and 3D with dynamic tools that tally floor area in real-time while you draw
  • Wind analysis: assess your site for various effects caused by wind, providing insight into airflow patterns
  • Daylight analysis: assess the daylight performance on your site, including obstruction angle and vertical sky component.
  • Generative design: height studies- optimise the distribution of building heights within your set limits to improve density and living qualities
  • Parking Design and analysis: Spacemaker automatically fills your defined parking area with parking spots and calculates your parking coverage
  • Automatic area calculations: easily calculate the gross floor area, gross and net internal area, building coverage, façade area and outdoor.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Spacemaker used for?

Spacemaker is used to design, analyse and collaborate on high-quality proposals. Using Spacemaker’s cloud-based AI software, you can carry out comprehensive feasibility studies and concept development for early-stage planning.

Who uses Spacemaker?

Anyone who is involved in early-stage planning. Regardless of whether you’re an architect, urban planner or property developer, Spacemaker is for you.

Which versions of Spacemaker can I use if I subscribe to the latest version?

Spacemaker is cloud-based software that runs in your web browser. Your Spacemaker subscription will continually give you access to the latest version, which you can access via your Autodesk Account.


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