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Meridian Power

Easy, web-based access to search and retrieve information and add comments, anytime, anywhere.

With increased globalization, the viewing community accessing and reviewing engineering information has grown.


Engineering managers, project managers, engineers, and CAD drafters regularly need to update engineering documents and drawings during concurrent projects. It’s important these changes are controlled and the information remains accurate when accessed and used by other departments. Without correct or complete information, plant managers, on-site maintenance, and operational personnel cannot perform their work efficiently and without accidents. They need a client to control all their engineering information in a native or rendered format, like Meridian Power.

Business Benefits

Meridian Power provides significant benefits for global owner-operators and engineering contractors that need to create and modify technical project-related information in a controlled environment.


Makeup to date information readily available. Collaborate more efficiently during complex engineering projects.



Ensure all information from design, projects, and assets are delivered through automated workflows and approvals.



Monitor project progress to ensure delivery on time and in budget. Easily prove compliance with regulations.



Improve your design process to accelerate project delivery. Reduce errors and rework with accurate information.


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