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Meridian Portal

Secure, cloud-based collaboration with your extended project teams.

Manage your engineering projects the simple way – with a single portal in the cloud.

meridian-portal-logo.pngCollaborate with contractors and external stakeholders without providing direct access to internal master data and workflows. Increase efficiency through time saved on document control, project management, review and validation of project deliverables, and by eliminating lead-times due to offline or paper-based communication processes.


Key Capabilities

  • Apply consistent best practices across all projects, leveraging industry best practices
  • Reliably and accurately trace your projects’ activity with a full audit trail of all user actions
  • Get full visibility of key lifecycle events for any given document with automatic versioning
  • See review tasks across multiple projects with to a personalized view of projects and tasks
  • Quickly get project members working properly with predefined project roles for team members
  • Ensure that contractors access to the right information with the “Contractor Role” capability
  • Share project information consistently with one central repository for all project documents
  • Initiate collaborative reviews directly from the project repository
  • Quickly evaluate differences between document versions
  • Ensure the completeness of data uploaded to the project
  • View PDF renditions with efficient rendering technology 

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Business Benefits

Meridian Portal provides significant benefits for global owner-operators and engineering contractors that need secure cloud-based collaboration and document exchange with an extended project team.


Provide a globally accessible and consolidated source of technical information. Increase engineering, operations and maintenance staff productivity.


Quality Control

Facilitate the efficient and controlled exchange of deliverables between all the stakeholders. Improve data quality by providing full project control and compliance.



Cost reduction

Lower the total cost of information management and data distribution. Achieve added savings through enhanced productivity and search time reduction.



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