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Meridian Analytics

Meridian Analytics is a cloud service extension

Meridian Analytics is a cloud service extension providing analytical capabilities that enhance the value of your Meridian experience with powerful insights.


Metadata Quality Management

Meridian Analytics provides unprecedented visibility into the metadata on the documents and information that you manage within Meridian.
Quickly and effectively analyze data quality and integrity, and plan for improvement. Navigate large datasets by time, location, contractor, asset and more, to find and diagnose areas for improvement.

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Focus Effort on Problem Areas

Meridian Cloud Analytics helps you pinpoint all the bottlenecks in your engineering processes by helping you categorize and filter performance metrics.


Deliver Projects Faster

With this insightful analytics tool, your team can review performance metrics for projects, documents, and workflows and gain quick access to the items causing the problem. 


Improve Search Results

Meridian Cloud Analytics makes it easy to analyze your existing metadata, measure metadata quality, and set quality targets, offering an easy and practical way to improve metadata quality. 


Accurate Reports for Better Decisions

Improving your metadata quality with Meridian Cloud Analytics yields more accurate reports. You’ll be able to efficiently analyze existing metadata, measure its quality, and set quality targets.

Better Metadata Quality on Handover
Meridian Cloud Analytics, offers a powerful way to measure metadata quality in live projects and quickly identify sources of poor data quality as it happens.
Maintain High Level of Metadata Quality
Maintain a high level of metadata quality through Meridian Cloud Analytics’ improved pick lists, which make it much easier to analyze existing metadata.
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