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Hedra PLM Solutions

Local access to Global PLM technologies - giving you the competitive edge

Best in class product development software applications from Dassault Systèmes.

Hedra_PLM_logo.jpgHedra PLM Solutions is unrivaled in its delivery of mission critical projects to world-class companies in the Industrial Equipment, Life Science & AEC. Our team has over 20 years experience working in manufacturing companies all over the UK & Ireland and successfully implementing robust PLM Solutions and Integrated Business Systems. 

We have an extensive understanding of the processes, business systems and challenges that face manufacturers and we employ tried & tested Project Management Methodologies to analyse, implement and support our business critical solutions, incorporating the industry leading technologies from our Partner Dassault Systemes.

Key benefits include:
BOM Management: 
  • How do you ensure your engineering bill-of-materials stay in sync with the CAD product structure?
  • How do non-CAD items, such as software, get included in the BOM?
Program & Project Management:
  • Robust Multi-CAD Integration
  • Integrated Program Management
IP Protection:
  • Inability to facilitate and secure sharing of design data and information
  • Inability to impose company security rules on designers accessing data
ERP Integration:
  • Effective Resource Management and Schedule Enhancement
  • Global collaboration
Multi-site Management:
  • Full data sharing and collaboration among dispersed company locations and distributed team members
  • A unique, distributed and asynchronous replication solution for reduced network traffic over the WAN

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