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Pentagon Solutions, the leading supplier of Autodesk Design, BIM & Cloud solutions in the UK & Ireland, helps you maximise your technology investment through online trainingprofessional services & support.  
Whilst we have had to adapt our working practices, our agility and creativeness ensure that we have and will continue to deliver “Business as Normal in these Abnormal Times.” Our IT, telephony and network capabilities have been developed to support smart working, and our collaborative remote working tools are designed to keep our people and our customers and partners in touch. We remain available to support you in any way we can and you can reach out to us using your normal contacts.
Get the most out of your chosen technologies with Pentagon Solutions - How can our team support you from anywhere? We provide various levels of support depending on the needs or requirements of your business!

Let's get you started with some useful links to guide you through the installation of your Autodesk products:

  1. Prepare download and Install
  2. Assign users to products
  3. Find Serial Number & Product Key
  4. Install on a Single Computer
  5. Download Previous Versions
  6. Perform a Clean Uninstall
  7. Download Product Updates
  8. Home Use - Getting Setup Remotely
  9. Top 5 Things You Should Know About Subscription Setup
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