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Facade Design Software

FenestraPro Facade Design Software for Architects

Early Optimisation of Façade Design

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Pentagon Solutions is a leading provider in the UK & Ireland of FenestraPro facade design software.

FenestraPro is a facade design software tool to enable Architects and other building designers to design environmentally efficient non-domestic buildings more cost effectively, rapidly using graphical and simplified inputs to optimise the thermal, solar and daylighting requirements of the façade, and provide a detailed understanding of how key façade design decisions will affect the buildings performance to reduce energy consumption and improve occupant comfort, thereby maintaining control over aesthetic design decisions. 

This enables designers to design façades more effectively - ensuring compliance with increasing environmental standards and requirements and enhancing green building design at an early stage in the design process.

  • Improve Facade Design process by 30% or more
  • Real-Time Compliance Checking from an early stage in the design process
  • Enhance Green Building Design by optimising thermal, solar and daylighting performance
  • Effective Technical Guidance from an early stage in the design process
  • Autodesk Revit plug-in and import/export functionality to BIM software will fit into workflows within the building design process

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