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Why use the cloud for your asset information?

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 11:00 AM


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Empower your asset information with the speed, agility, and affordability of Meridian as a secure cloud service. Built on Microsoft Azure, Meridian Cloud provides certified secure cloud services with maximum reliability and global availability. Accruent Meridian Cloud provides a best-of-class engineering information management solution for the world’s largest facility owner-operators need to manage their facility engineering content in the cloud.
Encompassing engineering change management, release management, and handover management, Meridian Cloud empowers both new projects and renovations with its integration with Meridian Portal for easy collaboration with external contractors. Fully managed concurrent engineering is supported across multiple projects for internal and external engineering teams, which allows for maximum visibility and increases in efficiencies.
Join this webinar and let us introduce you to the cloud platform embraced by a broad range of asset-intensive industries worldwide!