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Where do you draw the line? (Webinar)

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 10:00 AM
UK & Ireland (Online)

Discover Revit

Everyone talks about Revit, come along to our free webinar & see why!

Experience live modelling within the Revit platform & discover a quicker, more efficient way to work.

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What would it mean if you could?

> Reduce design time by 50% or more!

> Provide more efficient digital design processes?

> Lower costs and increase quality?

> Win new business with intelligent 3D modelling technology?

> Eliminate errors that cost time, money and impact your reputation? 

> Produce a high-quality rendered image to present a design to clients 

Webinar Exclusive: You will be applicable for £100 off one of our upcoming Revit Training Courses after attending the webinar & purchasing any of the following software: Revit LT, Revit or AEC Collection*

*T' & C's Apply - cannot be used in conjunction with other offers