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SolidWorks Large Assembly Design

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 2:00 PM
(Online) Northern Ireland & Ireland

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Large Assembly Design Overview

The benefits of 3D modeling for managing and visualizing your design increase as the size and complexity of the product increases. A wide range of large assembly design tools in SOLIDWORKS make this possible including:

  • Configurations enable both detailed and simplified versions of a product to be designed
  • Large Assembly Mode automatically activates software performance options which can be set to trigger automatically whenever assemblies exceed a certain number of components
  • Large Design Review, the fastest way to open and investigate a large assembly, streamlines quick overviews and editing of large designs
  • AssemblyXpert provides recommendations, such as SOLIDWORKS performance settings, to speed up large assembly design
  • Exploded views document and explain your product design and help with planning for downstream manufacturing steps
  • “Magnetic” mating of components allows users to quickly snap an assembly together, thereby significantly reducing the time to complete a large assembly