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Project Digitalisation with BIM 360 Technologies

Thursday, September 19, 2019 9:30 AM
Catalyst, The Innovation Centre, Belfast
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Agenda Coming Soon

What we will talk about . . . 
  • BIM Docs - CDE Construction & Design Document Management Software
  • BIM Design - Work-sharing and Design Collaboration
  • BIM Coordination - Coordination and Constructability
  • BIM Build - Quality Control, Safety, and Project Management
And much more! We understand contractual procedures, communication processes, and standards can vary from one project to the next, and they’re further complicated by having multiple processes and software to manage. Take the pain out of your project and see it in action at this FREE event. 
I’m attending the event and travelling via car - Will there be parking?
There is a private carpark which is free parking, however, you will need to hold on to your parking ticket and hand into the front desk to be validated before prior to leaving the event. 
How do I access the venue?  
Access to the venue is from the ground floor via the main entrance.
Please follow the signs for THE INNOVATION CENTRE