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Harness your design model to produce fabrication LOD outputs

Thursday, May 3, 2018 9:30 AM
Belfast Office
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Are you being asked to deliver Revit MEP models with a high LOD? Struggling to source appropriate content? 

This event will outline typical challenges faced by the Project Delivery Team & demonstrate what options are available beyond Revit. Using the right tools at the right time will allow you to streamline your existing workflows, eliminating wasted effort in your journey from 'Design Intent' to 'As-Installed' models. 

This event is aimed at M&E Consultants, Contractors & Specialist Sub-Contractors who need to develop Revit models with Manufacturer-specific content. It will address workflows that are unique to the Autodesk suite of applications, including Fabrication CADmep, ESTmep, CAMduct & Plant 3D.