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Collaboration for Revit 2017

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 9:30 AM
Belfast office, Northern Ireland & UK
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Collaborative workflows

Teams use collaboration tools to stay connected in real time using the Communicator chat tool within models. Integrated with Autodesk A360, Collaboration for Revit enables the entire project team to work on shared building information models. Access Autodesk A360 to provide Revit design and engineering teams with a centralised cloud-based workspace and improve efficiency on projects.

This hands-on workshop will feature the latest & best of what the Autodesk 2017 releases have to offer including Revit 2017, the A360 platform, Infraworks & BIM. 

  • Discover quicker, more cost effective ways to connect your entire project team throughout each stage of the design, build & manage process.

  • Use the essential BIM data that Revit Architecture provides to support sustainable design, clash detection, construction planning, and fabrication

  • Share the model to work collaboratively with engineers, contractors, and owners in an integrated process

  • Leverage the parametric change technology to allow any change you make to automatically be saved and updated throughout your project, keeping your design and documentation coordinated and more reliable

Who should attend: Clients, project managers, contract managers, architecture technologists, BIM Co-ordinators, managing directors