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BIM for Infrastructure Seminar

Thursday, December 14, 2017 10:00 AM
Maldron Hotel Newlands Cross, Dublin
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This unique BIM for Infrastructure event provides an overview of Autodesk industry standard tools available for BIM authoring, analysis and model aggregation from the AEC collection suite. Based on Pentagons previous project success and experience, common project challenges with digital information will be reviewed.
Topics covered by the event;
  •  Introduction to BIM authoring and Model aggregation tools in Infrastructure Projects from the Autodesk AEC collection for: 


Water and wastewater
Site Design
Geospatial models and analysis
Point Clouds
Using local data sets
Smart infrastructure

  • Understanding exiting conditions, boreholes and service information
  • Using legacy data and converting into information models.
  • Infrastructure Asset Information models.
  • Delivering COBie.
  • How to integrate asset information into the model environment through databases.
  • Gaining project traction and success in BIM for Infrastructure projects.
  • Our BIM consultants will be on hand at this event so come and chat about your projects or any issues you are having.

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