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Benefits of Manufacturing Asset Information Management

Thursday, February 28, 2019 4:00 PM
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 The asset information handover process between engineering and maintenance can prove to be quite challenging for manufacturers. Manufacturing organizations often have disconnected systems and departments working through information silos within their proprietary software solutions. This information isolation prevents efficient management of assets throughout their lifecycle, resulting in costly consequences. According to Information Management, organizations in the US and UK are losing a total of $140 billion each year due to disconnected data.

Many maintenance organizations do not have digital access to real-time updates of asset related documentation and drawings. Outdated information contributes to labor inefficiency, slows the repair cycle, and increases safety risks. To overcome these challenges, manufacturing companies must share asset intelligence across departments.  Accruent is leading the way by linking information from Meridian, our engineering document management system and Maintenance Connection, our industry-leading computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

This integrated data approach creates a synergistic environment where users can maximize the combined strength of both products uniting disparate engineering and maintenance teams to ensure the accuracy of asset information, and helping close work orders more efficiently. Uniting Accruent’s manufacturing solutions allows manufacturers to ensure the safe delivery of quality products throughout the asset lifecycle.

Register now for this live webinar and learn the value of having all asset information easily accessible anytime, anywhere.