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Connect Different Departments

With One Solution

Connecting Engineering, Maintenance and Project Management

The search for up-to-date documents is over for Engineering teams.
Meridian helps engineering teams keep their engineering documents and drawings up-to-date and easily accessible during an engineering project or an emergency.


Accruent's Meridian Engineering Screens 
Meridian maintains engineering data integrity throughout the asset lifecycle. Meridian offers a comprehensive, CAD software agnostic solution for engineering drawings management and creates a single source of truth for all engineering information.
  • Support concurrent engineering by allowing multiple teams to access same set of documents
  • Provide version control to prevent users from working on incorrect versions
  • Navigate and maintain the relationship between documents, CAD models and assets
  • Maintain the quality, accuracy and completeness of data and metadata in a unified system

Maintenance teams can access information easier and faster.

Meridian helps maintenance teams access the latest versions of drawings and documentations within their EAM system to expedite work orders and support personnel safety in the field.

Accruent's Meridian Maintenance Screen
Meridian breaks down information silos between disparate departments, ensures users have access to complete up-to-date documentation related to work orders, and automatically transitions comments and photos from maintenance to engineering departments.
  • Access accurate technical documentation at a click of a button within most major EAM systems
  • Ensure users always work with the latest as-built information
  • Streamline information handoffs between different departments to increase productivity
  • Eliminate printouts and gain instant access to asset information with mobile devices

Project Managers can seamlessly collaborate with contractors.

Meridian helps project managers collaborate with external contractors to streamline information handover and ensure secure access to project data anytime, anywhere.

Accruent's Meridian Project Management Screen

Meridian manages the exchange of engineering documentation with external contractors and reduces the hidden cost of incomplete data at handover by identifying and fixing data inconsistencies before they can become an issue.

  • Enable cloud-based collaboration with contractors and suppliers
  • Reduce handover costs from external contractors by scanning for missing files
  • Keep project teams on track with access to up-to-date project data
  • Accelerate the exchange of project documents and preserve accurate audit trails

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