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Utilities: Are You Ready for the 2020s?

Why You Will Need Strong EIM and EDM and Drawings Management

The changes that the 2020s will bring portend an increasing demand for effective Engineering Document Management (EDM) and Drawing Management, primarily due to the increasing volume of new engineering documents and drawings in the world of the future. Is your current infrastructure ready to handle the changes? If your utility is just “making do” with disconnected, antiquated systems not specifically designed for EDM and drawings management, you likely will have an inadequate foundation for the 2020s.

An efficient platform will enable you to:

  • Quickly access drawings and related engineering documents (which is especially critical in emergency situations);
  • Grant all team members and external contractors the right level of access to documents and drawings, while protecting your master documents;
  • Give team members peace of mind in knowing that the version they are working on is always the correct, latest version;
  • Optimize plant performance by expediting the achievement of deliverables and reducing labor spent sorting out document and drawings questions
  • Prepare for inspections more easily.

Having a rock-solid platform for all your documents and drawings also enables utilities to set effective KPIs for project completion on time, within budget, and within specifications.

Let us show you the ROI of a world-class system—our Meridian platform. We invite you to read our downloadable e-book:   Getting Ready for the 2020s: Optimizing EDM and Drawing Management for Utilities. In this free e-book you’ll find:

  • A discussion of data-related challenges that utilities will face in the 2020s
  • Highlights from case studies of organizations who have met similar challenges
  • A self-assessment tool, “Are You Ready for the 2020s?”



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