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Top 10 components of an efficient Engineering Document Management System

10 key components of an efficient Engineering Document Management System in Asset intensive plants.

Engineering Information Management is about managing all your ASSET related information and documentation.  Does your current EDM/EIM system have the top 10 features needed to yield the best results?

  1. Direct Linkage to CMMS – e.g. Maximo, Ultimo, Infor, SAP PM
  2. Linkages to GIS and ECM systems (Sharepoint)
  3. Viewing of models.
  4. Project workflows.
  5. Folder structure
  6. Raising Issues
  7. Dashboards & Reporting
  8. Document workflows, naming  & metadata
  9. Document/Review Log History reports
  10. Mark-ups, redline and comment tracking

Meridian Enterprise from Accruent does all this and more with on-premise, Cloud and mobile options.  Pentagon is the local provider, helping many key sites in Ireland & UK use this technology today! 

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