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These are the drones you are looking for…

Drones for Surveying

Increasingly sci-fi technologies are being translated into a reality especially within the construction industry where we are finally starting to catch up with our otherworldly counterparts with sci-fi tools from a ‘galaxy far-far away’ becoming commonplace.  We now have virtual reality glasses, smart devices and drones that help us design, build and manage better than ever before.

The use of drones is growing prevalent within surveying & mapping due to the time saving benefits & rich data derived from a single drone expedition rather than painstaking manual methods. Our team of BIM consultants are joining forces with NI water to delve into this new age technology of using drones for site surveys and post processing data for information models. This event held at RPS Group (Belfast headquarters) will provide an insight into how drones can be implemented in BIM projects providing the underlying data on which to build.

If you are working on a current Drone Project and wish to discuss how Pentagon BIM Consultants can assist you in utilising the post processing data, please fill out the form below:


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