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The 5 Building Blocks Of Digital Construction Integration

Are you struggling to go digital? Consider these five key elements for successful digital transformation.


It's all about data. Your data needs to be informed, aligned, compliant, and under your control throughout the asset lifecycle. You need to apply a BIM ethos whilst optimising your data so that you can successfully digitise your project workflows and collaborate in a secure CDE (Common Data Environment). Pentagon can recommend EDM solutions on-premise or Cloud, or even a hybrid with integrations into BIM, GIS, SharePoint and CMMS platforms.

In no particular order, here are our top recommendations for your consideration!

1. Change Management of Digital Asset

Managing change is crucial to ensuring the right information is available for your team to make key decisions in the field. You need a repository for this data to ensure that all changes are completed properly and as quickly as possible, including the ability to track the rate of change and report on delays. 

On-premise or in the cloud, our solution allows organizations to manage concurrent engineering for seamless project handover and easy audits. Customers can see a reduction in cost through the decrease in downtime and immediate access to all necessary as-built data leading to quicker repairs and cost savings.  

2. Data Management and Document Control

Operating safely and within compliance is not optional. Much of these requirements' costs can be tied back to applying standards to operations and maintaining adherence to said standards. 

Our Engineering Information Management Solution provides the tools to support regulatory compliance and is SOC II Type 2 compliant so your asset data is safe and secure.

3. GIS Integration

You need to close the data loop with the following capabilities:

  • Integrate with 3rd party technologies such as GIS Mapping, BIM and ECM systems (e.g. Sharepoint) to optimise the control and management of your Digital Assets.

  • Easily connect with your geospatial data from GIS platforms (such as Esri, Google Maps, and GE Smallworld) and integrate further with BIM technologies (such as BIM 360) to close the digital loop and gain direct access from your BIM model to real-time Asset Data within your Engineering Document Management System.

4. BIM/CDE Implementation

If you require help getting started, our BIM Consultancy side of the business can ensure your assets are viewed through a BIM lens, adherent to the latest BSI standards and easily accessible in a collaborative Common Data Environment.

We can assist with your chosen CDE's configuration and management whilst training your employees to do likewise.

5. Digital Project Collaboration

The only way to drive digital transformation beyond the digitization of asset information is to achieve significant measurable benefits.

In our opinion the most efficient and cost-effective way to improve skills and project performance.

o   Engage with you to understand requirements/project needs

o   Set up your project environment

o   Development of bespoke workflows and scripts to improve productivity and efficiency

o   Train you and your teams on the processes 

You don't have to go it alone, let's take it step by step and start the conversation today with our Digital Integration Team.