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Pentagon supports the next generation of engineers!

We deliver a lecture on Digital Construction!

Over the years, Pentagon has developed a strong relationship with local Universities in our efforts to support budding young engineers and STEM academia. If we're not offering educational classes or free webinars, it's one of our team delivering a lecture. It was the latter this time as we ventured out to the beautiful new Ulster University building in Belfast City Centre to lecture on "Digital Construction and Working Collaboratively in a Common Data Environment." The state-of-the-art lecture theatres looked even more impressive when filled with Digital Construction and Engineering students.

The topic itself holds much stead within the AEC Industry and is the answer to many problems faced by a growing population struggling with ageing buildings and climate change! The issues of tomorrow that many of these students will eventually go on to tackle can be worked on today by utilising the power of digital construction, from collaborative BIM processes to digital twins, the IoT, effective change management, and the list goes on. Still, ultimately digitisation is the key to unlocking a better future.

As Digital Construction Integrators, we help organisations across the AEC, Utility and Life Science Sectors leverage data-led intelligence to transform how their people and systems work together to meet business, environmental and regulatory goals. Data is at the core of all our solutions, so we are passionate about the importance of a CDE (Common Data Environment) and helping our customers see the benefits. It's an ethos that still needs to be more mainstream in the construction industry, and it's imperative to make time to raise awareness at the University level.

It's our social responsibility to deliver this message to the next generation of engineers, and it's always a joy to visit new architectural feats in Belfast, such as the University of Ulster Campus!

If you'd like to discuss the possibility of one of our Digital Construction Integration Consultants visiting your class, then feel free to reach out to the team.

Ulster University Belfast Campus