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Meridian Integration with Maximo

Did you know Meridian provides direct Linkage to CMMS? For example Maximo, Ultimo, Infor, SAP PM

Watch our short tutorial focusing on Meridian's Maximo integration capability which ensures maximised Engineering Document Control. 

Many of today’s leading organizations and our customers understand that it is imperative to have a solution to manage and maintain their engineering data integrity throughout the asset lifecycle. In order for organizations to increase their teams’ efficiency, the engineering document management solution needs to integrate with other applications used by various departments throughout the organization like engineering, maintenance, etc. 

Meridian Enterprise provides the necessary control over documents, their revisions, workflow, and approval along with managing links to externally referenced documents. When integrated with a maintenance management system, the two systems work together to provide a comprehensive solution that eliminates costly errors caused by working with incorrect or obsolete tag information or documents.

Meridian Enterprise from Accruent does all this and more with on-premise, Cloud and mobile options.  Pentagon is the local provider, helping many key sites in Ireland & UK use this technology today!