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Kykloud: Mobile Surveying & Inspections Application

"Every dollar you defer on capital projects will cost you 4x as much in reactive maintenance"

If you own or manage properties, you need to know the condition of your real estate portfolio at all times. You also need to ensure consistency and compliance with safety standards, brand guidelines, and space utilization to ensure you are getting the most out of your properties.

Real estate is often the second-largest expense for most organizations - typically right behind labour. If you don't fix systems before they fail, it can cost you many times more in legal risks and costly repairs.

You need to know what capital expenses are coming this year, in five years, and in ten years to plan accurately. A configurable survey and inspection mobile app delivers a simple, consistent, guided process to collect the data you need quickly and accurately. Accurate data collection gives you the information you need to create defensible plans and forecasts to obtain the necessary resources and budget. How well do you know your properties?

Develop an intimate knowledge of your portfolio and inventory with Kykloud.

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