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Improve Maintenance Performance and Drive Efficiency with Maintenance Connection

Ditch the paper and embrace cloud computing!

Have you considered ditching the paper checklists in favour of a cloud-based solution? With Maintenance Connection, workers can create, receive and process work orders, etc, in the field and still be able to access all their information when connected to your Maintenance Connection system. Maintenance Connection's award-winning, user-friendly design means people love using it and things get done! Maintenance Connection is regularly updated with minor releases and major releases. It's a powerful yet affordable way to equip all your maintenance workers.

More than 350,000 maintenance professionals across the world use Accruent’s Maintenance Connection to improve their facility operations. This comprehensive multi-site CMMS allows manufacturers to streamline maintenance processes by moving to proactive maintenance management, reducing downtime and lowering maintenance costs.

"One factor we measure is the utilization of our mechanics. We are always trying to bring that percentage up as high as we can. Now, one way we can do that is by not having them waste time going back to a central location to close out a work order. Everything is done remotely.”

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