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GIS Asset Management

Check out the video on Engineering Data Management (EDM) & GIS Integration.

Our Meridian solution on-premise or cloud delivers seamless integrations between EAM, CAFM, CMMS and GIS systems. Improve your workflow by establishing a central repository for all your GIS assets!
Integrating GIS Asset Information with Meridian Explorer - Watch the video to see it in action.
  • Integrate with 3rd party technologies such as GIS Mapping, BIM and ECM systems (e.g. Sharepoint) in order to optimise the control and management of your Digital Assets.
  • Easily connect Meridian with your geospatial data from GIS platforms (such as Esri, Google Maps, GE Smallworld) and integrate further with BIM technologies (such as BIM 360) to close the digital loop and gain direct access from your BIM model to real-time Asset Data within your Engineering Document Management System.
  • Enhance your teams' efficiency by integrating your Engineering Document Management system with business applications like Microsoft Office, SharePoint and email to provide a single source of truth for all engineering information.
 With on-premise and cloud options this solution can be deployed according to your specific requirements including direct integrations with GIS, BIM, ECM (e.g. Sharepoint) and Maintenance systems (e.g. Maximo, SAP, Infor).