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Digital Twins

What is a Digital Twin?

A Digital Twin is a dynamic connection between the physical and the digital asset driving benefits and informed decision making.
Some people think that simply creating a 3D model or a scan, it is much more than this!
The real world should feed securely into the digital twin continuously.

What are common misunderstandings that people have about Digital Twins?

  • It’s not just about connecting live data to digital models; there need to be benefits aligned with the business function, such as:
    • Reduce risk
    • Improved Health and Safety
    • Improved efficiency
    • Meeting compliance
    • Quality improvements
    • Environmental improvements/monitoring

What is the difference between companies that use Digital Twins and those that don’t?

  • The biggest problem is with companies who don’t fully understand what a Digital Twin is they create snapshot models not based on a single source of truth (SSoT) or integrated into the asset function.

What is the best approach to building a digital twin?

  • Understand your systems, asset requirements and structure the data, so it is usable and benefits the organisation
  • Ensure a Single Source of Truth approach
  • Test, pilot or have an enabling project – This is important for telemetry systems and meeting security protocols.

 A digital twin connects the physical to digital but, more importantly, helps the owner/operator make informed decisions and future planning. For example, scenario planning: any changes can be modelled on the Digital Twin to review the consequence and impact in the real world. The reality is that only mature clients in this space who have achieved the single source of truth and have connected systems are in a position to benefit from a Digital Twin.

Our team of Digital Asset Management Specialists can help you achieve the much sought after Digital Twin. Get in touch today and we can help progress your digital journey.