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Accruent’s Kykloud Analytics

Data-driven decisions are the key to every business’s financial success.

Sometimes too much data can be overwhelming and you cannot see the wood for the trees. It is time to ditch the old-fashioned ways of working, like pen, paper and manual spreadsheets, and embrace digital transformation.

You invest a lot of time, money and resources in collecting data from surveying programmes about your property portfolio and real estate. Whether it is asset inventory to understand what you have on hand, facility condition surveys to determine maintenance, replacement activities, or compliance surveys such as Fire Risk and Health and Safety, it is critical to understand what the data tells you.


What Challenges Do Facilities Managers & Capital Planners Face?

How do you get consistent, accurate and defensible data, when Facilities Managers and Capital Planners are managing buildings across multiple sites, locally, nationally or globally? This can mean hundreds of thousands or even millions of asset data points. With this volume of data, it can be difficult to produce meaningful reporting and dashboards that can help requests for funding from executive and board members, ensuring the right business critical assets are prioritised.

Users of this data do not want to spend endless hours trying to understand the data points, then trying to format it into workbooks that are layers deep. Facilities Managers and Capital Planners must also consider Board or Executive members who are consuming this data. Their time is precious, and they need concrete, actionable insights—not an overwhelming amount of detail. Providing clear key performance indicators that help to understand the “what” and “why” will lead to rapid prioritisation and making quicker business decisions.

How Can Kykloud Surveying & Capital Planning Help?

Accruent's Kykloud is a highly customisable and flexible asset lifecycle and building surveying software that provides a simple and efficient mobile surveying and data capture tool. Kykloud ensures that site and asset data is consistent and accurate, and is complimented by a web app that turns data into robust and meaningful insights to help make better compliance and financial business decisions.

Kykloud Analytics & Smart Dashboards

Kykloud’s Smart Dashboards help you keep track of key performance indicators and identify trends and analytics about your property, site and survey programmes.

  • Always on and always available – Kykloud and its analytics platform are cloud-based, giving you the data you need at the touch of your fingertips
  • Stunning interactive visualisations – Easy to consume, interactive and professional dashboards
  • Intelligent analytics – Helping you hone in on critical data to identify and support key financial decisions
  • Customisable dashboards – Our dedicated team of experts can work with you to customise dashboards to meet your individual business needs

Learn more about Kykloud Analytics by watching this short video.


To learn more about Kykloud’s mobile surveying, asset lifecycle and capital planning tools, contact our sales team to schedule a demo today.