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A Mobile App for Building Surveying in a Snap

If you work with buildings and infrastructure assets, you know how complex and time-consuming it is to get the right information about your assets and make informed decisions. With building surveying, you travel to the site, make notes, take photographs, return to the office, spend hours documenting your data, transfer your photos, label your photos, publish your report, print, email, make spreadsheet entries, conduct financial analysis, and then it all begins again.
With our building surveying software, you simply travel to the site, use the survey app on your mobile device, and that’s it.
Our intuitively designed and fully customizable survey templates capture, label, and store your data quickly and easily. Your data is uploaded automatically to the asset information portal where you can create reports the moment the survey is complete. Accruent’s software for mobile building surveying and asset management can improve the quality of data while reducing the time it takes to collect and report. With our building surveying software, you can cut your project delivery times in half and pay back your investment within a month.

Building Surveying Software That’s Real-Time

With a clean and clear user-friendly interface, managing your surveys and navigating your entire asset portfolio is easy. You can organize and orchestrate teams of on-site surveyors and engineers to work together – improving the quality and consistency of surveys and inspections – and gain collaboration even on a global scale. With real-time data updates to your asset portfolio, you can:
  • track expenditures
  • plan financial forecasts
  • assess changes over time
  • analyze carbon emissions and energy usage

Building Surveying Software That’s BIM Ready

Our building surveying software is BIM ready – meaning that your investment in BIM (Building Information Modeling) will bear fruit throughout the entire lifecycle of your assets. And when you are ready, you can use our unique range of asset management tools to report on any aspect of your portfolio at the touch of a button. All this functionality is available within your internet browser. You and your team can be ready to start surveying within 24 hours – safe in the knowledge that your data is completely secure.
We are revolutionizing the building surveying process by making our customers more efficient and competitive. Start winning more tenders and join market-leading customers who are using our solution to get the right information about their assets and make informed decisions.


Learn how to leverage our building surveying software with BIM to improve consistency and visibility of assets and portfolios for your clients.