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A Day in the Life of an Engineering Drawing

Join the journey of an engineering drawing throughout the asset life-cycle.

Managing engineering information is always complex, but when that information is in change, it becomes even harder to ensure it reflects the as-built situation. Many solutions address key areas like managing master data or improving handover, but few address managing and controlling engineering information throughout the entire asset lifecycle.

In this webinar (accessible via the side panel), we take you through a day in the life of an engineering drawing throughout the full asset lifecycle. From sharing information between Maintenance and Engineering, to managing concurrent engineering projects and collaborating with contractors in the cloud, it all comes together to form an integrated single point of truth that results in improved compliance, efficiency, and profitability.

Watch this webinar on demand where we go through:

  • Maintenance feedback initiates modification projects 
    • Direct access to engineering information via EAM system
    • Change request communicated to Engineering
    • Engineering picks up and assesses change request
  • Engineering drawings used for concurrent modification projects
    • Drawing required in parallel projects
    • Control drawing progress through workflows and reviews
    • Manage internal and external handover
  • Engineering collaboration with contractors in the cloud
    • Global data exchange with external contractors and suppliers
    • Monitor project progress and validate deliverables
    • Seamless handover from contractors to Engineering
  • Maintenance receives updated drawing information
    • Verify data completeness and consistency before internal handover
    • Information released from Engineering to Maintenance EAM system
    • Maintenance utilizes updated information for next work orders


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