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A Day in the Life of a Delegate

Come train with us!

Experience Pentagon training through the eyes of a delegate as we take you through a typical day on one of our CPD-certified, official Autodesk courses at our Belfast training facility.

From start to finish, immerse yourself in our VIP training experience from Pentagon goodies, tasty treats, onsite games, free parking, and learning the latest Autodesk technologies! Pentagon will provide the software, all the learning materials and a fully certified instructor.

"A really enjoyable & worthwhile course, delivered by a very knowledgeable & pleasant instructor." Damian Hassan, Heron Fit-Out

We run a regular public training schedule but can also offer private group training and bespoke courses. Choose to join us online or in-person - neither is a compromise on quality! After completing any of our courses, you can confidently return to work armed with the latest knowledge and an official Autodesk Certificate!

Interested in BIM Training?

Pentagon train, consult and advise on the BIM standards. Not only do we adhere to the standards on BIM projects, but we have also compiled industry Continual Professional Development (CPD) certified training for organisations to comply with the standards. As a BSI Associate Consultant Programme member, we can provide leadership and consultancy for organisations seeking BSI BIM accreditation. We can provide bespoke BIM training for your organisation, whether your team is new to BIM or advanced advocates!

"Following a great recent course at Pentagon Solutions Ltd covering BIM awareness. I've moved from viewing BIM as building/structure information modelling to gathering information, modelling and management. Scope is wide open with this new perspective.Gareth Scammell, RPS Group

Pentagon Solutions is the official leading training expert in the UK & Ireland for Autodesk, and Building Information Modelling (BIM). We provide fully furnished training suites, in Belfast & Cork, with all the latest Autodesk and BIM technologies, installed on the latest workstations, with expert qualified instructors to ensure you get the most out of your training.