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BIM For Clients

What's your strategy?

In our efforts to support our clients throughout their journey we are also part of the BSI Associate Consultant Program and are CPD members.

BIM is core to our business as we provide consultancy throughout the UK Ireland and Europe for Clients, Contractors, Designers, and Supply Chain. Our BIM consultancy objective is to ensure organisations gain ‘measured benefits’ by adopting digital workflows. Pentagon train, consult and advise on the BIM standards. Not only do we adhere to the standards on BIM projects we have also compiled industry Continual Professional Development (CPD) certified training for organisations to comply with the standards. We are also a member of the BSI Associate Consultant Programme providing leadership and consultancy for organisations seeking BSI BIM accreditation.

Pentagons BIM strengths are that we support and deliver the three main areas 1) People 2) Process and 3) Technology. Our experienced BIM Consultants can drive digital projects and engage on project roles such as ‘Information Manager’. Our consultants also ensure that the processes are understood and implemented in the project or business. Pentagon has conducted 2 years of extensive research and implementation of a BIM-FM integration framework process. This was a groundbreaking first locally in Northern Ireland and we have delivered asset integration projects and FM testing based on this. Finally, the Technology part of the business provides, training, consulting and supports BIM authoring software for Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Utilities, and Operation.

Our approach from a Client perspective is, to begin with, the ‘End in mind’. Our consultative services include, (but are not limited to):

• BIM consultancy to deliver measured benefits
• Suitability scoping and vetting of FM and CAFM systems for Clients on BIM Integration suitability
• Project digital asset capturing by:

o On-site asset capturing
o Delivery of a handover model
o Delivery of integrated O&M, H&S to the Asset Model
o Delivery of Asset information

• Project asset workflow delivery efficiency savings up to 49% through the development of our internal processes
• BIM support on projects
• Operation Asset workshops to determine measured benefits in BIM handover
• Development of customised asset collect technology
• Geospatial consultancy
• Development of customised asset collect technology
• Project compliance review (multi-disciplinary)
• Project roles and governance such as ‘Information Management’
• Data Management consultancy
• Custom workflows
• Custom training
• Software training
• Application Development
• Technical support

In simple terms, we ensure the project is delivered with ‘measured benefits.’