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Best Documented Plant

Learn more about the Best Documented Plant

Best Documented Plant lets you deliver all required documentation specified by your stakeholders for every asset or piece of equipment under your control.

A blueprint for reducing costs, improving quality, and achieving full proof of control

Do you have all documentation necessary to safely and efficiently run your plant?

How would you find out? And, once you knew what was needed, how would you go about getting it all?

Introducing the “Best Documented Plant”. A Best Documented Plant has all necessary documentation, as specified by departmental stakeholders, for every asset or piece of equipment under control. A Best Documented Plant ensures that, from an asset information management perspective, you have the safest, most productive, and most compliant plant possible.

Two stakeholder examples: Imagine Maintenance going into the field with all the documentation they need to perform their work safely and efficiently, instead of only what they could find. Even better, your CEO pointing to his Best Documented Plant dashboard and saying “I have all compliance information instantly available, and I can demonstrate full proof of control to regulators and auditors at a moment’s notice.”

The Justification

Having inaccurate, incomplete or inaccessible asset information leads to what are known as “Information Incidents”, where faulty information was a major identifiable cause of the problem. According to industry analysts ARC Advisory Group, losses caused by Information Incidents typically amount to 1.5% of annual Sales.

In a plant with sales of $250 million, that means $3.75 million lost every year.

Every asset documented

What does Best Documented Plant provide?

Best Documented Plant - compressor

1. A template for creating the standard which ensures that stakeholders have every document they need to perform the best possible work.

Best Documented Plant starts with a key insight: For a given type, category, or piece of equipment a specific set of documentation must be available to meet the needs of stakeholders, including engineering, safety, maintenance, operations and reliability.

BlueCielo consultants use a template and follow a methodology to help you define these standards. The Best Documented Plant template leverages Reference Data Libraries found in ISO 15926 and originally used to specify capital projects deliverables. Best Documented Plant turns this specification inward, to the as-built environment, to define complete asset information for the master data.

Simply stated: When you have complete asset information for every asset under your control, you have a Best Documented Plant. 

2. Specialized software and services to guide you

BlueCielo Meridian is software designed to meet the needs of Owner-Operators working in regulated industries.

BlueCielo Meridian takes you far beyond document management. It provides a purpose-built solution for integration with your existing authoring tools, like CAD, EAM and ECM systems. It gives you a place to manage your master data and plant modification projects. It also lets you exchange information with external contractors and improve the data handover process.

And it delivers the specialized features that enable Best Documented Plant.

BlueCielo Industry Template for implementation leverages best practices for a fast return on investment.

3. Dashboards which track progress towards 100% compliance

The visibility provided is amazing. Dashboards show the total numbers of assets you control, the percentage of compliance, and a breakdown of missing documents by stakeholder department, as well as overall progress so you have a timeline for completion.

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