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Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM)

Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM)

Asset Life-cycle Information Management (ALIM) means managing both the assets and asset-related technical documentation throughout the entire asset lifecycle.

What is Asset Lifecycle Information Management?

Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM) is a proven strategy that supports the creation, exchange and distribution of technical asset information in all phases of the plant and asset information lifecycle. An ALIM strategy covers more than just Enterprise Information Management or Enterprise Asset Management. It also includes Project Performance Management, Asset Performance Management, plus Asset and Project Portfolio Management.

HOw ALIM contributes to operational excellence

ALIM acts as the glue between systems and teams. 

By managing both the assets and their related technical information, ALIM provides a single solution to unite teams and maintain asset data, even over extended periods of time. By standardizing asset information services, emphasizing interoperability and supporting extended analytics over wider data sets, ALIM helps to optimize the performance of assets and the productivity of the related workforce. Learn more about driving asset data integrity for enhanced compliance and maximum profitability.

How can ALIM contribute to improving operational excellence?

An entire factory can be considered an asset with its own lifecycle. This lifecycle extends from the factory’s design and construction, 
to commissioning and handover, through operations and maintenance until its eventual decommissioning. Optimum plant revenue can only be achieved when the production lines, consisting of pumps, valves, vessels, process lines, etc. are performing well.

Each of these assets has their own lifecycles and related (technical) information. In the event of a disruption of production, operations and maintenance need to fix problems as quickly as possible. This requires immediate availability of up-to-date asset-related information (asset data integrity) for the production line as it relates to the entire factory. This combination of both granular and global views of assets reveals a much more dynamic environment in which all asset-related information must be managed.

ALIM provides measurable benefits for owner operators and for the extended enterprise because it focuses on managing information that may be constantly or concurrently in change over extended periods of time. In particular, ALIM covers the following three critical components of profitability.

- Scalability
- Integration
- Handovers
A scalable solution that enables growth is essential. For this to be practical, it must also support the different requirements of each site, not just at the time of implementation, but as these needs change over time. An ALIM strategy ensures each site improves its information management and the entire organization benefits from a standardized approach that minimizes risk.

Maximum data integrity and maximum profitability

BlueCielo’s solution for Asset Lifecycle Information Management is called BlueCielo Meridian Plus. Meridian Plus is a comprehensive solution that is designed to increase the return on assets in highly regulated environments and grow with your business needs. It connects your teams, simplifies plant modifications, provides collaboration in the Azure cloud and facilitates regulatory compliance. Meridian Plus provides a full Asset Lifecycle Information Management solution that ensures 24/7 access to accurate information.

With Meridian Plus, you can maintain asset data integrity throughout the asset lifecycle, while constantly improving your bottom line. 

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