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Webinar On Demand - What's New in BlueCielo Meridian 2014 Service Pack 1

Watch the webinar at anytime & discover enhancements to improve organizational efficiency and maximize the power of the web

In early February 2015, BlueCielo will release BlueCielo Meridian 2014 Service Pack 1. In addition to providing support for SolidWorks 2015, this service pack will also offer several additional enhancements and exciting new features to help your company optimize time savings and maximize productivity.

CLICK HERE to watch the webinar on demand and get a first look at the new capabilities, including:

BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise

  • Enhanced web client that provides all features to run full engineering modification projects
  • Improved AutoCAD integration with support for handling multiple AutoCAD layouts
  • Optimized and simplified user interface for retention management
  • Support for the Brava viewer to view specific file types

BlueCielo Meridian Modules

  • Asset Management: Tag extraction extended to include 200+ formats for creating tag-doc relations
  • Explorer: Support for batch creation of hard copies
  • Explorer iPad app: IBM Maximo integration for mobile users
  • Publisher: Rendering of Revit models to NWD (Navisworks) or IFC file format


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