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We passed this year’s BlueCielo Certification Specialist Exam

Benefit from our two BlueCielo Certified Specialists

Preferred Provider of BlueCielo Solutions

Benefit from our BlueCielo Certified Specialists

We are proud to offer our customers the services of a BlueCielo Certified Specialist. Brendan Greene & Caolan Tierney have recently achieved the elite status of BlueCielo Certified Specialist, and are now recognized as having expert knowledge in the design, build, implementation and upgrade of BlueCielo solutions.

Get the benefits of BlueCielo Certified Specialist accreditation – trust our experts to deliver a successful project.

Pentagon’s BlueCielo Certified Specialists are Brendan Greene & Caolan Tierney have proven experience in the successful implementation of BlueCielo solutions and have attained Certified Specialist status after completing this elite training program.

As BlueCielo Certified Specialists,  Brendan Greene & Caolan Tierney, are recognized as possessing the knowledge, experience and skill to design, build and implement BlueCielo solutions to a standard that meets your business requirements.

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