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Pentagon team wins 'Deal of the Year'

Leading Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM) software solutions.

The team were delighted to be presented with the award for 'Deal of the Year' at the Synergy Conference 2018 in Portugal. 

We provide our customers throughout the UK & Ireland with Engineering Content Management (ECM) & Engineering Data or Document Management (EDM) & Asset Life cycle information Management (ALIMsoftware solutions to help control, manage & share engineering documents, drawings & data. 

What Our Customers Say:

Ronnie McGill, Design Manager, AGR Automation Ltd - “AGR Automation, a leading designer and manufacturer of high speed automated machinery, chose Pentagon Solutions Ltd to implement an EDM solution called Meridian, that mirrored our proven processes hence generating efficiencies rather than changing internal processes to suit other management tools". 

IS Consultant, Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) - “Having used BlueCielo for over 10 years, the recent upgrade implemented by the team at Pentagon Solutions allowed us to benefit from improved efficiencies at the Commission in respect of the management of our drawings. Staff training provided by Pentagon Solutions allowed us to refine our internal processes.”