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Pentagon Sponsors Engineering Awards

Pentagon sponsors & celebrates award for outstanding young engineer!

Pentagon Solutions sponsors Structural Engineering Awards

Lisa Fleming (24), from Ballymena, Northern Ireland, was presented with the Dr John Hill Award on 30 September by the Institution of Structural Engineers Northern Ireland Regional Group.

The ceremony took place at Queens University Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Award recognises Lisa’s outstanding engineering work on the refurbishment of the Stormont Parliament Buildings. 

Lisa, who has been a practising structural engineer at engineering firm White Young Green (WYG) since 2012, said: “It feels great to win the Award – I really didn’t expect to! It’s been a pleasure to help extend the lifespan of the Stormont Parliament, which is such a recognisable building for all of us living and working in Belfast.”

Stephen Alford, Northern Ireland Group Regional Chairman, said:“We have launched the Dr John Hill Award to recognise young talent in the structural engineering profession, and to celebrate the career of one of Northern Ireland’s most successful engineers, Dr John Hill.

“I am delighted to present the inaugural Award to Lisa for her excellent work on the Stormont Project. Her work exhibits the superb young engineers we have working in Northern Ireland. Our thanks to our other entries and sponsor Pentagon Solutions for making it a very successful event.”


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