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Pentagon & RPS Group host BIM Level 2 Launch Event

The BIM Level 2 Deadline is here.

Pentagon in conjunction with the RPS Group welcomed the local construction industry to embrace the BIM Level 2 government mandate at yesterday's launch event in the RPS Belfast headquarters.

The event was held to mark the first day that centrally procured public sector projects will require the implementation of BIM at Level 2. In addition, centrally funded government departments will be required to provide “clear and complete” EIRs with all contracts.

Pentagon's BIM Director, David Gawley, provided insight on all things BIM including level 2 requirements, EIRs, BIM execution plans, BIM case studies, tendering for BIM projects, etc. David Ross, from RPS, delivered a case study detailing one of their many successful BIM projects. Also, speakers from Griffiths and Armour provided a legal perspective in relation to BIM & the event was supported by the Construction Industry Council & local BIM hub: BIM Region N.Ireland.  The aim of the event was to rally up a BIM buzz within Northern Ireland's construction industry to ensure that progression continues throughout the built environment by sharing BIM experiences and highlighting the benefits that can be reaped as a result of BIM adoption.

However, whether you're a BIM advocate or a dubious fence-sitter, the Buildicountdown-bim.jpgng Information Modelling (BIM) deadline is real – April 2016 – so it is essential that companies involved in the construction industry engage now on their Building Information Modelling (Virtual Construction) adoption plans – you cannot afford to miss out. 

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