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Pentagon Hosts a Customized BIM Awareness Event at Slieve Donard Hotel

Pentagon BIM Consultants - the leading provider of BIM Implementation & Consultancy Services in the UK & Ireland

The team of experienced BIM Consultants provided a customized BIM Awareness Training Day with BlueClarity Construction UK at the Slieve Donard Hotel, progressing their BIM journey by acting as a single source for all their BIM needs. 

Pentagon provide a range of BIM authoring, model aggregation, analysis and engineering data & content management software solutions through AutodeskSolidWorks and BlueCielo products.

Our trainers are experienced on BIM projects and can deliver specific requirements to help aid the transition including:

  •        BIM Authoring Software Training
  •        BIM Model Aggregation Training
  •        Common Data Environment (CDE) Training
  •        BIM Supply chain Manufacturing Training

We can assess and scope out the requirements for a company to become ready for BIM changes and put a plan in place. We execute BIM scoping and adoption plans to prevent your business wading through the protocols and ensuring your organisation becomes operational to level 2.

To find out more about our BIM services or to arrange your own customized BIM Awareness Programme/Training day fill out the contact from below.

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