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Pentagon host BIM Event at RIBA London Headquarters

BIM - Are you ready? BIM Seminar for clients, consultants, contractors & supply chain

BIM: Are you ready?

Pentagon BIM Consultants, the leading provider of BIM Implementation & Consultancy Services in the UK & Ireland, hosted an open BIM seminar at the extinguished RIBA London headquarters. Today's event offered, not only, an opportunity to explore all things BIM but also the exclusive chance to participate in a free one-to-one consultation with a BIM expert.

Why Pentagon BIM ConsultantsWhere we have helped our clients:

  1.        UK Level 2 Project Roles – Information Manager
  2.        COBie integration services for clients
  3.        COBie deliverables for consultants, contractors and supply chain
  4.        FM\AIM Integration and COBie
  5.        Reactionary Services on BIM – BIM Execution Plans (BEP)
  6.        Reactionary Services on BIM – Compilation of BIM Assessments
  7.        Reactionary Services on BIM – BIM problem projects and alignment
  8.        Client BIM Advisory and direction on BIM requirements
  9.        BIM Implementation plans and UK L2 alignment for clients, supply chain and consultants
  10.        Advice on Common Data Environment (CDE) & Information Management
  11.        Bespoke BIM Gap Analysis

Could not make this event but want to find out more? Contact us & we will help progress your own unique BIM journey!


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