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Pentagon featuring at Electex Trade Show


ElectEx is a range of industry backed trade exhibitions for the electrical sector taking place in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. These shows are a natural successor to the Electrical Trade Shows – first held in Belfast in 2007 and expanded into Dublin in 2013 – and a reaction to feedback from exhibitors and visitors that showed us there was an appetite for even more such events spread across the island of Ireland. ElectEx is aimed at bringing together the wide-ranging electrical industry within an environment that promotes news business relationships and encourages innovation. We've carefully selected our exhibition venues to provide convenient locations and all three events will attract a diverse mix of exhibitors and an array of visitors. 

Pentagon will be a guest speaker at this trade show on the 16th April in the Ramada Plaza, Belfast, N.Ireland - as leading BIM consultants3D CAD suppliers & an established training facilitator, we can offer an abundance of expertise providing a complete solution throughout this trade incorporating such products as SOLIDWORKS ElectricalAutoCAD MEP & EDM technologies to manage your engineering/design requirements. We can also act as BIM consultants ensuring you keep up with the growing need for the creation of compliant BIM objects as well as offering a range of electrical training courses public or private.

Not attending the trade show? Contact us now & arrange a demo! Pentagon can suggest the best solution for you!

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