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Pentagon BIM Consultants Sponsors BSI BIM Conference

Proud sponsors and BSI ACP members.

BIM Director David Gawley sponsored and presented at the first BSI BIM Conference in Belfast at the Titanic hotel which became a platform for launching the new BIM International Standards. We were excited to speak amongst a range of industry BIM leaders as well as providing local case studies. BIM is core to our business as we provide consultancy throughout the UK Ireland and Europe for Clients, Contractors, Designers, and Supply Chain. Our BIM consultancy objective is to ensure organisations gain ‘measured benefits’ by adopting digital workflows.

Pentagon is an early adopter of BIM, presenting since 2007 on the lifecycle benefits of a digital construction approach. In the past 10 years, we have grown to become Northern Ireland’s leading BIM consultancy. Our BIM team train, consult and advise on the BIM standards. Not only do we adhere to the standards on BIM projects we have also compiled industry Continual Professional Development (CPD) certified training for organisations to comply with the standards. We are also a member of the BSI Associate Consultant Programme providing leadership and consultancy for organisations seeking BSI. BIM accreditation.

We utilised this opportunity to remind the construction industry of critical areas that need to be addressed to deliver better outcomes in BIM projects and ultimately asset ownership.

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